Thursday, June 30, 2011

Renovation, part...zillion

We're almost done!

Here are a few pix of the house (the back deck and driveway are pretty much all that's missing)...Stone work on the house is done--go, Mike!

Kitchen and breakfast nook--check!

Upstairs King Bedroom

Upstairs Queen Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom #1

Upstairs Bathroom #2 (off laundry room)

Downstairs Family Room

Downstairs Queen Room

Downstairs Bunk Room aka The Bear Cubs' Den


There are a few more rooms we need to take pictures of , and of course the finished deck and its amazing view, so stay tuned! First guests are enjoying the house this week--YAY!


PS: If you''d like an amenities checklist, including what exactly is stocked in the kitchen or what outdoor gear we have, please email me and I'll email the lists to you. Also, we took the floor plans off the vrbo site, so here they are:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We are still doing tiny details and solving decorating dilemmas inside the ranch house, but most of the work has moved outside to the exterior. We have had way more than our share of rain (in fact, it's raining again right now), but when it's not pouring, the guys are working on the new rock and siding on the house. The "up-side" to all the rain is that it's a very green spring!Entrance
Here's the house (right) and the boat house (left) from across US Highway 89...the river is high!

And here's the house again from across the highway, looking southeast.

The boathouse and the pavilion

The house as of the first of June

(you can see the new rock work on the right, and the old yellow brick on the left; the greenish stuff is backer board for the new siding).

James & Uncle Mike planting the garden last weekend

(we finally had some sunny days and the garden stopped being a mudhole)

It's going to be a great apple harvest next September...look at those blossoms!

Here's the picnic pavilion on the river, with the fire ring and brick bench to the left

Another view of the boathouse/pavilion/tree house