Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Renovation Part 1

On Saturday I went to check progress at the house. It doesn't look much different, but it's all ready for dry wall tape and texture upstairs TODAY (2/22), so there will be a huge, noticeable change in the next batch of pix. Great work, Mike, Dad & Rich!!! (and mom--she got the popcorn and glitter off the ceilings, bless her heart!) New doors downstairs

New soaking tub in new downstairs bathroom
(which used to be the stairwell)

The downstairs bathroom looking in from the family room doorway.

It will be good to say goodbye to this weathered old deck!
You can see the pavillion peeking out from behind the trees there, and a little bit of icy river still flowing.

I must admit, even WITH the old deck and railings, you just can't beat that view!
(and I love that one lonely tree in the south field there)

Heidi in the upstairs living room by the new sliding glass door.

Little helper James

Mike's beautiful tile work in the main bathroom upstairs...

...and the brand new throne!

The tile for the expanded bathroom off the laundry room.

The new tub in the laundry room bathroom (it's where the closet used to be).

Probably the most drastic change of all--the old stairwell entry is now our housekeeping closet. YAY!

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